Fabric, and beading, and tulle - oh my! Who doesn’t love the site of a beautiful bride walking down the aisle in an extraordinarily gorgeous wedding gown? It’s the dress most girls dream out from the time they experience their first crush, but what makes some wedding gowns so expensive? According to Monique Lhuillier bridal, there are a few key factors that can really raise the price tag. If the dress is created from delicate, high-end fabrics with signature detailing, the wedding gown is going to be more expensive than most. Any bride-to-be who wants to add an accessory like a stream or a veil can expect to pay an additional $3,000-$4,000. If the beading is done by hand, the gown will inevitably be more costly. To top it off, ladies hoping to stun their friends and family members with their wedding gown should expect to pay for multiple fittings. After all, if you’re spending a large amount of money, the dress needs to fit perfectly!

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