45 Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Autumn Affair

Foliage-Framed Wedding Portraits
Photo: JoPhoto

Weddings are beautiful any time of the year, but there's just something magical and romantic about celebrating nuptials in autumn. The combination of changing leaves and cooler temperatures gives couples al fresco options and unique decor themes only fall soon-to-be weds can pull off. It's no wonder fall months have toppled summer days for the most popular dates to get married in recent years. Whether you're a bride still in the pinning phase of planning or on the hunt for a final few details to make your upcoming day extra special, we're here to help you embrace the best of the season. From mountainview ceremonies and barnside celebrations to ballroom receptions and chapel nuptuals, there's no fall celebration that couldn't benefit from a well-placed pumpkin or dramatically seasonal ceremony display. Revel in this season with these fall wedding ideas—showcasing themed motifs, jewel tones, rustic details, and vibrant foliage—that will make your Big Day an autumn best.

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Pumpkin-Lined Aisle

Pumpkin-Lined Wedding Aisle
Graham Terhune

Frame your walk down the aisle with a subtle fall aesthetic. Mix and match different pumpkin shapes and sizes for effortless, farm-like charm, and add seasonal greenery at the base to blend.

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Open-Air Dinner and Dancing

Outdoor Fall Wedding Reception Dinner

Embrace the season with an open-air reception. There's no better time of year for string lights, long wooden tables, and mountainside views.

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Apple Accents

Apples Fall Wedding
Paige Reaux

Use apples to accompany serving displays for a simple (and budget-friendly) way to incorporate the bounty of the harvest season.

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Foliage-Framed Portraits

Foliage-Framed Wedding Portraits

Even if your wedding is indoors, you can't miss a chance to capture the season as bride and groom. Take a step outside for a picture you'll treasure forever.

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Suspended Foliage

Suspended Foliage Wedding
Lauren Fair Photography

Draw the eyes up to a display of foliage that could compete with the very best of fall trees. Complement with candles below, and you don't even need anything else on the table.

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White Monogrammed Pumpkins

Monogramed Pumpkin Decoration Wedding
Paige Reaux

Some could argue there's no better time for a monogram than a wedding. One look at a white painted pumpkin with your new family initials proves that a fall wedding raises the lettering bar even higher.

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Guest Scarfs

Wedding Ceremony Fall Scarfs
Dear Wesleyann Photography

Embrace the chilly autumn air by offering guests scarfs wrapped for the occasion.

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Burgundy Accents

Wedding Dog's Leash is Perfectly Color Coordinated

Colorful details go a long way. Burgundy works wonders in fall color schemes and looks especially wonderful on the cutest members of the bridal party.

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Colorful Corners and Columns

Framed With Autumn Florals
Dear Wesleyann Photography

While there's no need to overdue florals, sometimes it's the small spots that make the biggest impact. Frame corners and columns in high traffic areas with jewel tones to bring autumn elegance to often overlooked spaces.

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Autumnal Ensemble

Fall Groom Boutonniere
Luke and Cat Photography

Planning a formal fall affair? There are simple ways to infuse a classic groom's look with rich autumn color. Try a glowing cymbidium orchid boutonniere for a small but impactful upgrade.

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Deeply Seasonal Ceremony Arch

Deeply Seasonal Ceremony Arch
Amos Photography

You can incorporate an autumnal ceremony arch in a variety of venues. From outdoor spaces to banquet halls, a focal point this dramatic will bring an air of romance no matter where it goes.

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Local Flare with Florals

Texas Boots Wedding Flowers
Jenny DeMarco Photography

Though some could argue that boots are in season all year, others might say boots look their best in the autumn sun – especially with a bushel of flowers in tow.

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Free-Spirited Fall Blooms

Fall Bloom Bouquet
Luke and Cat Photography

Warm colors work wonders with a blend of roses, orchids, ranunculus, blue thistle, and foraged fall greenery.

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Garden-Fresh Fall Wreaths

Green Fall Wreaths
Dear Wesleyann Photography

Everyone loves fall color, but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for a little green too. Wreaths full of fall greenery look especially spectacular against rustic white doorways.

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Textured & Tonal Accessories

Textured & Tonal Accessories
Kristen Kaiser

Even the most traditional of brides can't resist a bit of texture in the name of fall fashion. Add rich tones to your look through autumn accessories, like velvet shoes or shoulder wraps.

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Seasonal Beverages

Seasonal Beverages

Have fun with fall flavor. Incorporate seasonal punches, ciders, and cocktails for a bar that goes above and beyond.

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Edible Decor

Edible Decor
Rosen Crown Photo

Watch out for hungry guests. A display of seasonal fruit can not only help fill corners, but it can also look good enough to eat.

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Bourbon Bar

Wedding Bourbon Bar
Luke and Cat Photography

As stately as it is warming, a bourbon bar not only offers a Southern beverage station for guests, but it also grants the opportunity for mixed metals, leather details, and autumn accents.

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Pretty Leaf Hair Piece

Pretty Leaf Hair Piece
Betsy Blue Photography

The glimmer of gold leaves atop a bridal updo will catch guests' eyes as you dance the night away.

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Towering Fall Foliage

Towering Fall Foliage
Amos Photography

Go full foliage in all the right ways with towering table arrangements that don't need blooms to be bright and beautiful.

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Refined Leather Accents

Refined Leather Accents Wedding Table
Luke and Cat Photography

Warm up your place setting with a bit of stately texture by adding a leather accent.

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Pampas Grass Pizazz

Pampas Grass Pizazz
Tess Pesicka

One part avant-garde, one part boho chic, a bit of pampas grass can upgrade any arrangement, from tabletop displays and aisle ends to bouquets.

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Soft Accessories

Fall Wedding Scarf
Luke and Cat Photography

Set the tone with soft, moody accessories. Light scarfs and autumn candles fit in perfectly with the airy, crisp ambiance of a fall wedding.

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Lantern-Lined Walkway

Lantern-Lined Walkway
Eric Kelley

Whether you're getting hitched in a historic house, your childhood home, or a swanky hotel, there's nothing like a well-styled entryway. Illuminate walkways with lanterns and seasonal foliage for a warm guest welcome.

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Nearly Naked Cake

Fall Naked Cake with Berries

Let those cake layers peak through. Naked cakes fit perfectly into a celebration full of texture and rustic touches.

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Velvet Statement Pieces

Velvet Statement Pieces
Olivia Strohm Photography

Cooler weather opens wardrobe doors to texture, especially toward the end of the season. Layer velvet into the bride or groom's look with statement pieces.

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Illuminated Installation

Illuminated Installation
ARJ Photo

Bring the outdoors in with a ceiling display that takes the trend to new heights. Add floating teacup candles to bring warmth and elegance to the falling leaves.

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Floral-Flanked Chairs

Floral-Flanked Chairs
Jill Houser Photography

All eyes on the bride and groom takes an even more romantic tone with fresh autumn florals on their reception chairs.

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Feather Finishes

Feather Wedding Decor
Jill Houser Photography

Layer on the texture with feather finishes. Menus adorned with a feather tuft is simple way to style guests' plates.

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Metallic Glamour

Fall Outdoor Wedding Table Decor

Elevate the season's natural drama by dressing tabletops with metallic touches and romantic candles.

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Mixed Red and Amber Stemware

Mixed Red and Amber Stemware

Mix-and-match glassware in red and amber hues makes for a warm, inviting tabletop that's anything but boring.

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Autumnal Hair Accessories

Autumnal Hair Accessories
Marina Mauletkali Photography

Add a touch of autumn to your updo with a floral hair piece full of warm colors.

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Subtle Seasonal Nods

Subtle Seasonal Nods
Zoë Alexandra Photography

Don't bypass the simplest nods to the season. A well-placed leaf can take flight when it finds just the right spot within your design.

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Fondant Foliage

Wedding Cake with Gold Leaves

Embellish any style wedding cake with edible gold leaves for a goddess-like confection.

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Gem Tone Tablecloths

Gem Toned Tablescape
Dear Wesleyann Photography

Pair purple tablecloths with deep-hued florals for a design that emphasizes moody beauty in a way only an autumn event can.

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Golden Pumpkin Place Cards

Golden Pumpkin Place Cards
Roberto Caruso and Angus Fergusson

Pre-dinner pumpkins placed on top of dark linens look especially nice in gold.

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Copper Elements

Copper Elements
The Grovers Photography

Welcome a change from more traditional metallics with cooper accents that complement candles and seasonal accessories with flair.

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Apple Tealight Candles

Apple Candleholders
Pinterest/Hi Miss Puff

We love candles at weddings, but turning apples into candle holders is a new way to really set the mood and light up the night. Not to mention, they smell incredible.

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Pine Cone Boutonniere

Fall Wedding Ideas
Swak Photography

There's nothing better than an unexpected pine cone in an autumn design, especially when it's pinned to a well-dressed groom.

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Rustic Natural Elements

Rustic Natural Elements
Zoë Alexandra Photography

The fall season is the perfect time to take advantage of wedding textiles. Add a bit of Southwestern flare by pairing tribal table runners with rustic centerpieces.

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Terracotta-Colored Table Linens

Terracotta-Colored Table Linens
Dawn Charles

Work earthy tones and rust shades into your color palette. These hues look especially nice paired with wooden textures and string lights.

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Mixed Florals and Metallics

Mixed Florals and Metallics Fall Wedding
Sara Monika

While we welcome a tablescape with scattered floral and metallic elements, it's even lovelier when the two elements get a bit more intimate.

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Fireplace Focal Point

Fireplace Focal Point
Gaetz Photography

Amp up the comfort level during cocktail hour by making the most of a venue's fireplace. Use candles, greenery, and a touch of florals for a relaxing space for guests to catch up and keep warm.

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Rustic Ceremony Accents

Rustic Ceremony Accents

Country chic was made for cool-weather celebrations. Line your ceremony space with well-placed wood and rustic vases for a natural yet elegant aisle.

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