How to Pull Off Blush and Bashful If You're A Modern Day Steel Magnolia

The Bridemaids
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If in true Steel Magnolias fashion you've declared your wedding colors to be blush and bashful (not "pink and pink," of course), then you're in luck. Blush is one of this year's most sought after spring wedding shades. There are lots of lovely wedding décor ideas in various pink hues just waiting for your personalization. We've rounded up a few of our favorite blush and bashful wedding day details that definitely won't make your ceremony look like "it's been hosed down with Pepto Bismal," as M'Lynn Eatenton would say.

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1. Set the Stage with a Sweetly Pink Paper Suite

Set the Stage with a Sweetly Pink Paper Suite
Pinterest: Wedding Sparrow

Consider subtle pops of blush on your wedding invitation envelopes for an added touch of drama that coordinates with the colors of your Big Day. See more on Pinterest.

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2. Seal it With a Dreamy Rose Detail

Rose-Colored Wax Seal
Pinterest: Yonder Design

It's all in the details, and a rose-colored wax seal is a flawless and refined finishing touch.

See more on Pinterest.

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3. Plan the Perfectly Pink Bouquet

Perfectly Pink Bouquet
Kate Headley Photography

Pale pinks with a few pops of brighter hues make this peony, hydrangea, dahlia, sweet peas, and ranunculus arrangement soft yet stunning.

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4. Tie It All Together with Rose-Colored Ribbon

Tie It All Together with Rose-Colored Ribbon
Pinterest: Wedding Sparrow

Let color cascade from your floral bouquet with a hand-died ribbon or beautifully textured bow. See more on Pinterest.

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Things That Only Happen At Southern Weddings

Most weddings have an excited couple, more than a few loved ones, a grand send-off, and an 'I do' kiss – but Southerners have added their own charm to wedding traditions. We've mastered the art of soul food, we usually have fantastic 75˚ (enviable, really) weather, and our wedding receptions are full of syrupy drawls. If you find yourself at nuptials below the Mason-Dixon, you'll find some extra-special moments: seersucker suits, a buried bottle of bourbon, and a wedding cake with charms baked into it. Although very central to our region, these special Southern wedding traditions are celebrated for very specific reasons. We choose seersucker because it'll hold off the strong Southern heat. We bury bourbon so that we won't have to handle so much of that strong Southern heat. And, we pull charms so that our futures will be as lucky and prosperous as the bride and groom's. What's your favorite Southern wedding tradition?

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5. Dress Your Best Gals in Blush Gowns

Blush Bridesmaid Gowns
Pinterest: Jodi Miller Photography Blog

Your bridesmaids are sure to be beaming in a beautiful blush dress. See more on Pinterest.

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6. Walk Down the Aisle in a Pair of Pink Pumps

Pink Wedding Pumps
Pinterest: Everything That Sparkles

Though they may hide under your hemline for most of your Big Day, they'll give a fun peek of color when it's time to hit the dance floor. See more on Pinterest.

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7. Create a Blushing Backdrop

Hanging Wedding Flowers
Pinterest: Weddings and Events

Hanging carnations in various pink hues creates a creative display. You can use this ombre idea as a ceremony backdrop or an accent piece at your reception. See more on Pinterest.

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8. Get Your Groom in on the Color Coordination

Groom with Blush Accent Pieces
Pinterest: Country House Wedding Venues

From pocket squares to textured ties, he's sure to be blushing as you saw "I do" with the perfect shades of pink in his wedding day look. See more on Pinterest.

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9. Craft a Dusty Rose Dessert Display

Macaroon Dessert Dislpay
Pinterest: MODWedding; Naomi Kenton via Rock My Wedding, Via Baking Chick

Whether it's a tower of macroons, a wall of doughnuts, or a beautifully blush buttercream cake, today's wedding dessert trends let you think outside of the box and incorporate lots of color. See more on Pinterest.

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