Dreaming of a big Southern wedding without the hefty price tag? There are a few simple tricks to cutting wedding costs while also having the ceremony you’ve always imagined! The average American couple spends around $30,000 on their wedding, but following a few easy tips will help keep that number down while still providing a great experience for all your friends and family. It’s always a good idea to plan your wedding outside of prime wedding season; avoid Saturdays in June to cut costs.  You may want to consider a non-traditional wedding venue, as well. Barnyards and lofts are a great alternative to the expensive reception hall, and provide your wedding with lots of charm and character. In addition, choosing a non-traditional reception meal is a great way to save money. Rather than serving fish or steak, taco buffets and BBQ are an inexpensive and tasty alternative! Be sure to keep in mind that open bars are super pricey. Consider offering wine, beer, and a signature cocktail instead. Lastly, ask your friends and family if they would be willing to help out in the place of a wedding gift. This is a great alternative to hiring expensive professionals!

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