Seven Ways to Serve Pie at Your Wedding

Formal Wedding Pie with Flowers and Lattice Detail
Photo: Courtesy of Mon Cheri/Monika Hibbs

Do you prefer pie over cake? You add your personal touch to every aspect of your wedding, so go a step further and incorporate your favorite dessert into your reception. Choose a single flavor of pie to sub for the traditional wedding cake, or offer an assortment to complement the dessert bar. As Jane Austen said, "Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness." We think Jane would agree that anygood pie is a part of happiness, so choose from this assortment of our best pies and cobblers, head over to your wedding baker and see how she can turn your ideas into a head-turning reception centerpiece. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to incorporate pies into your reception dessert menu. Along with the sweet confections, your guests will also remember your reception by what type food was served, so keep your personalized theme going as you plan your wedding food.

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Whoopie Pie Tower

Whoopie Pie Tower Wedding Cake
Courtesy of Mon Cheri/Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body

Whoopie pies are a fun way to have your cake and eat it too! Decadent cream fillings are sandwiched between red velvet, chocolate, or vanilla-flavored cookie-cakes. There is no end to the various flavor profiles you can create with these treats that will please everyone on your guest list.

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Pie Bar

Pie Bar at Wedding
Courtesy of The Knot/Lauren Fair Photography

Have you and your friends out-grown the candy bars at weddings? Your guests will love a pie bar, with an assortment of your favorite cream pies and berry delights showcased in various crusts, like cream cheese pastry, chocolate cookie, and graham cracker crusts. As an added bonus, arranging a pie bar lets you show off your collection of cake plates!

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Mason Jar Cobblers

Mason Jar Cobbler Individual Pies at Wedding
Courtesy of Southern Weddings/Jill Dillender Photography

Mason jars are being used in so many unexpected ways at wedding and receptions these days. Here they serve as tiny vessels for seasonal Southern cobblers, a perfect and delicious hand-held dessert for a country-themed wedding.

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Slab Pie Celebration

Slab Pie at Wedding
Courtesy of Pillsbury

For both small and large receptions, a number of slab pies showcasing your favorite Southern seasonal fruit is a delicious alternative to cake—just don't forget the ice cream.

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Southern Wedding Etiquette You Need To Know Before The Big Day

Southerners know that RSVPs are mandatory and skipping out early is a terrible insult to the bride and groom. We carry ourselves with grace and class – even when there's an open bar and some great music. And, of course, the most important rule of a Southern wedding is that the guests should always participate. Here are the rules of wedding etiquette that every party-goer needs to know.

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Rustic Pie Delights

Rustic Pie Tower at Wedding
Courtesy of Bridal Guide/Set Free Photography

Showcase your favorite fall mini-pies on a rustic three-tiered cake stand. A generous selection of apple, pecan, and sweet potato pies will keep your guests lingering around the dessert table.

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Formal Wedding Pie

Formal Wedding Pie with Flowers and Lattice Detail
Courtesy of Mon Cheri/Monika Hibbs

Decked out in flowers and a braided crust, a beautiful wedding pie like this will make the reception guests forget all about a cake.

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Stacked Wedding Pies

Stacked Pies
Courtesy of The Knot/Jeremy Lawson Photography/Heather Waraksa

Can't decide between pie and a traditional tall dessert? Here is your answer. Let your baker help you decide which flavor and filling will work best in this stacked confection. You can make it beautiful or whimsical by decorating the stacked pie with sugared flowers, fresh fruit, and or berries.

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