Let them eat pie!

Pie Wedding Display
Credit: Kate Flowers

Since the Middle Ages, cake has always been the customary dessert served for special occasions and weddings. Just refer back to Marie Antoinette. The ex-Queen of France is often attributed to the phrase, "Let them eat cake." It was said to have been her response to the starving French subjects who were out of bread. Of course, we now know she never uttered those words in 1789, making it easier for us to challenge the seemingly Queen-approved dessert, in favor of a decadent, more humble alternative. Far be it for us to go against royalty and wedding traditions rooted firmly in the past, but it's time to hand over the crown to pie.

If there's an argument to be made for swapping cake—even the deliberately tempting drip and naked varieties—with pie, then by all means, allow us to make it here. But be forewarned: We're championing for this warm, golden brown, and perfectly baked goodness to be the focal point on the dessert table—not a side display. While many brides use pie as a delicious supplement to elaborately decorated and frosted masterpieces, pie shouldn't have to play second fiddle to common cake. Instead, it deserves to be the star of your reception, promising a sweet finale to close your big celebration. Because, frankly, no matter how you slice it, there's always time (and room, even in your altered wedding dress), for pie. Here, eight reasons why.

1. Pie is more affordable than cake.

The average wedding pie will cost you less than $20 bucks, whereas for a large wedding cake, you could spend upwards of $400. And, if you're fortunate enough to have a baker in the family, they may be willing to whip up a few of your round favorites at a discount. Keeping your expenses in mind, the choice really is as easy as pie.

2. There's no wrong way to serve pie.

Tiered Pie
Credit: Photo: Jose Villa/Style Me Pretty

Let's face it: Cake is fussy. Your guests can serve themselves with pie, especially if it's in the budget to display miniature wedding pies on each table at the reception. And if you must have a tiered confection for that endearing, photogenic moment of feeding the new hubby, you can give him a bite from stacked pies.

3. It doesn't get more down-home than pie, especially for Southern brides.

Not only do you have the option to choose from a variety of flavors, but Southern belles, in particular, will also appreciate that many bakeries make classic pies and fruit crumbles with traditional fillings, like peach, chocolate, pecan, apple, strawberry, and Key lime. Personally, we've never met anyone who could turn down chocolate pecan pie at an event, have you?

4. It's the ultimate party favor.

Pie Party Favor
Credit: Photo: Heather Waraksa, The Knot

Show your appreciation with a treat! Thanks to the versatility of pie, you can send your guests off with a full tummy. Homemade miniature pies or slices gives them an edible memory of the celebration and something to look forward to the next day. Pie to go, anyone?

5. Hand-held, bite-sized versions give you the chance to indulge and hit the dance floor.

Pie Pops and Shooters
Credit: Photo: Focus Photography Inc., via Every Last Detail/The Sugar Coated Cottage

Cake pops are so last year! It's all about pie pops, pie bites, dainty tarts, whoopie pies, and pie shooters. Your guests won't be able to resist throwing a few Key lime shots back while busting a few moves.

6. What other dessert allows you to savor the best of spring and summer?

With pie, it's all about the filling—not the frosting. And you can showcase the very best of the season with fruit-filled strawberry and blueberry pies. Need some tasty inspiration to start planning? Lucky for you, we have pie recipes that are old, new, borrowed from Mama, and even blue—that your guests are sure to love.

7. Pie gives you one more excuse to break out the Mason jar.

Pie Mason Jar
Credit: Photo: Tobins' Tastes

The Mason jar trend isn't going away anytime soon, especially for rustic, outdoor ceremonies. One way you can elevate this Southern standby is by filling it with delicious pie for a portable option, or you can use the lids as a personal pie pan.

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8. And lastly, your chances of slicing into something dry are greatly diminished with pie.

Typically, you don't have to worry about pie not being moist, as the indulgent filling does all the work. With a cake, however, you run the risk of it being arid or dry by the time you're ready to serve.