Just imagine if your something blue was sweet to look at and edible, too.

Blue Hydrangea Cake
Credit: @ivenoven

Between watercolor wedding cakes and over-the-top dessert tables, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest trends in wedding treats. But, what if instead of keeping up with the latest and greatest, you thought beyond four tiers and traditional toppers?

Enter the hydrangea cake. Sure you may have already seen (and drooled over) the viral video about this adorable cake design on Facebook, but have you thought about how lovely it would look displayed at a wedding?

For Southerners who swoon over hydrangea blooms all summer long, this cake design is a summer wedding dream come true. Just picture this: a charming summer ceremony, bouquets with a delicate pop of hydrangea color, and a subtly stunning blue hydrangea cake that's almost too pretty to eat. Where do we sign up?

Beyond its beautiful design, we think one of the best parts of this new cake trend is how easily it can be either made at home or taken up a notch at a bakery. Not many wedding cake designs give you that option. If a collection of homemade wedding desserts has always been your after dinner vision, just arm Mama with some buttercream and a piping bag and let her hydrangea dreams come true. If you'd rather leave it up to your bakery, they can use their expertise to create the exact petal pattern you've been eyeing online. A bakery can also use fondant, if more structured florals suit your sweet tooth.

The hydrangea petal technique can also be incorporated into more traditional wedding cake designs. If an all-over hydrangea petal cake isn't your thing, touches of hydrangea petals can easily cascade or top a more traditional white wedding cake. No matter how you incorporate this new wedding cake icing technique, your guests are sure to be in awe.

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Here's hoping this hydrangea buttercream cake design is here to stay. It's one wedding trend we'd love to stick around as a new Southern staple.