Gorgeous Fall Wedding Cakes We're Drooling Over

cranberry wedding cake
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Full of warm color and cooler temperatures, fall wedding season is without a doubt a Southern wedding favorite. With a slight chill in the air and colorful changing leaves, the feeling of fall lends itself to endless creativity. And, especially since it's officially baking season, autumn wedding cakes are no exception. With seasonal flavors on their side, fall wedding cakes are the perfect fit for both the modern and traditional bride. Some of today's trending wedding cake designs feel as though they were devised with autumn in mind. Metallic wedding cake layers and accents, for example, pair impeccably well with deep fall hues, bringing a sense of glamour to an autumn palette. Today's "naked cake" trend can also bring a rustic, seasonal texture to a fall wedding cake by leaving the frosting behind and letting the actual cake color blend into the design. Of course, traditional touches, like tiers decorated with beautiful flowers and berries, blend effortlessly into a statement-making autumn dessert. Edible flowers elevate the design on many beautiful cakes that we see at Southern weddings. There are plenty of edible flowers to feature on your fall wedding cake like pansies, anise, chamomile, and marigolds. Ready to find your perfect wedding cake design? Get your inspiration flowing with a few of our favorite wedding cake ideas for fall.

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Nearly Bare with Berries

cranberry wedding cake
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With the perfect amount of cake peeking through, eye-catching cranberries and deep red mums stand out against these white, semi-frosted tiers.

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Foil Foliage

Wedding pink cake with edible flowers
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Simple, yet statement-worthy, these edible gold flakes give this cake a dose of magic. The roses also offer a sweet feminine touch.

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Cascading Gold Glamour

wedding cake with gold ribbon
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With a simple fondant cover and bold flowers on top, we love how this design blends today's wedding cake trends with classic fall foliage.

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Drool-Worthy Drips

Wedding cake on the table decorated with fallen leaves
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Fall flavor is literally oozing out of this delicious and nearly frosting-free autumn wedding cake.

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Jewel Tones and Texture

decorative fall cake
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Smooth swirls of lightly colored buttercream topped with effortlessly placed florals is a recipe for success in our book.

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Petite But Bold, Glistening Fruit

Autumn wedding cake
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We love the juxtaposition of traditional vanilla icing with modern, seasonal garnishes.

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Fall Floral Cascade

Beautiful Fall Wedding Cake with Grapes, Autumn Leaves, and Acorns
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Deep-red edible pansies pull this cascading fall palette together.

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Watercolor Wonder

Fruit arrangement on wedding cake
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Dark watercolor pulls our eyes down this dreamy vintage-inspired cake, topped with a blend of seasonal fruit and berries.

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Three Tiers of Foliage

Wedding cake with marzipan and pine cones
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Fit for the season, this confection's autumn-inspired garnishes help it standout from other wedding cakes.

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Rustic Elegance

Naked wedding cake
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Woodsy fairytale meets pretty perfection in this edible work of art, perfectly suited for an autumn affair.

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Spectacular Florals

fall Wedding Cake
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A neutral backdrop gives these florals a chance for their autumnal hues to shine.

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Fall Harvest

fall wedding cake with apples
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This cake captures the essence of the season with late blooming hydrangeas and bright, glossy apples.

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Purple Petals

Naked wedding cake
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We love the trend of a naked cake. The beautiful (and edible) purple flowers on this confection make it even more interesting.

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Topped Tiers

Fall Cake Topper
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The icing design on this cake makes it look as if it's lined with pearls. We love the bold and flowing topper full of seasonal berry sprigs and flowers.

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Freshly Pressed

Bright colored fall themed cupcakes
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Offer single-serve options to your guests with cupcakes that match your wedding cake. The detail on these fondant leaves makes them look like they just floated down from a tree.

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Pumpkin Patchwork

wedding cake with fall decor
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A textured icing finish is another new trend in wedding cakes. We love the sweet, tiny pumpkins arranged on top.

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Chocolate Delight

autumn wedding cake, close-up
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The clean finish on this cake makes it almost too pretty to eat. We love the blueberries dusted in silver and the chocolate icing delicately dripped down the side of the cake.

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