As if you needed more of an excuse to break out your pretty punch bowl.


There's no better time to bring out the pretty plates and punch bowl than a bridal shower. With a beaming bride to celebrate, gifts to unwrap (carefully, of course), and goodies to sip and eat, floral dinnerware and decorative punch bowls were made for moments like these.

Whether you're hosting a group of gals on the veranda or pulling out all the stops with a themed party, the perfect punch is paramount to staring the celebration with a splash. Many guests may just be meeting, as friends and family from all parts of the bride's life mingle for the first time. The last thing you want is a shower that feels like a stiff meet and greet. Put the right cocktail in guests' hands, and we can guarantee minimal small talk and fun stories flowing instead.

So, what party punch will get the gals into the bridal spirit? Personally, we know it's going to be more than a sit-there-and-clap-while-the-bride-unwraps kind of celebration when our Champagne Punch recipe is on the buffet table. And, while our Champagne Punch is tasty on its own, our favorite bridal fetes feature fruity stir ins for an extra flavorful touch.

Why put a little something extra in an already perfect batch of Champagne Punch? Well, just a dash blueberries and dried lavender simmered with sugar and water transforms this classic punch into a flowery Blueberry-Lavender Champagne Punch. Or, for another fruit-filled version, you can use a smooth mixture of strawberry jelly and grated ginger create a Strawberry-Ginger Champagne Punch that is sure to have your ladies ladling out seconds. When the first (or second...) batch of bridal shower punch runs dry, our Mint-Lime Champagne Punch is such an easy variation, it's a no brainer to have on hand. Parties looking for non-alcoholic options can also stir up these delightful bridal shower drink ideas by substituting champagne for lemon-lime soda, seltzer water, or ginger ale, depending on the recipe.

Champagne Punch
Recipe: Champagne PunchRecipe: Mint-Lime-Champagne PunchRecipe: Blueberry-Lavender-Champagne PunchRecipe: Strawberry-Ginger-Champagne PunchWhile the simple Champagne Punch is tasty on its own, the fruity stir-ins add an extra flavorful touch. For a nonalcoholic option, have lemon-lime soda or seltzer water on hand.
| Credit: Hector Sanchez

No matter which style of Champagne Punch you pick, we're sure you'll be serving up a hit that will start the bridal fun in festive, bubbly fashion.