A toast to the blushing bride.


The registry is stocked, the chicken salad sandwiches are pre-ordered (shhhh, we won't tell), and the décor is in-line with the bride-to-be's curated color palette à la Pinterest. The bridal shower is a sort of art in the world of Southern ladies, and you'd be darned to think her grandmamma hasn't been planning this one subconsciously for a while. However, in the case that Nana does loosen the reigns and seek out assistance from the party planning committee, we've got a few ideas we're just itching to try out.

If your bride-to-be is anything like us, then she can't resist a romantic shade of pink to make a timely reappearance through every shower, invitation and cocktail napkin (what, you thought it just "happened" that way?) Though y'all know she'll mind her manners better than to be glued to her phone the entire party, you can bet that once the last punch cup is tossed, the Instagram posts are sure to follow recapping every last detail of the fête galante. For the future Mrs. whose attention to detail is sharp as a tack, we know she's bound to appreciate possibly the most feminine (and photogenic) cocktail we've got on file: the Watermelon Margarita.

This summertime sipper is skyrocketing as one of our most popular summer recipes, and it's not hard to see why. Super simple and fresh ingredients and a 3-step process that's no sweat means that you can easily whip this cocktail up the day-of and just as easily replenish your stock when the well runs dry. This perfectly pink cocktail is based off of one of our favorite farmers market finds, amplified by homemade watermelon simple syrup that promises full flavor in every last little sip. Its light and fruity flavor makes it the perfect beverage to refresh guests at your summertime bridal shower—and might we suggest that it would pair deliciously with our zesty Lemon-Orange Chiffon Cake? Garnished with a slice of watermelon to give it that little something extra, we think this recipe is fit to stake your claim as reigning Cocktail Queen.