Bride and Maid of Honor Getting Ready
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Your rehearsal dinner speech may have gotten a standing ovation, but the Big Day is here, and it's time to put your game face on. Of all her friends and family, the blushing bride chose you to be her right hand gal. It's certainly an honor, but come wedding day, your status comes with a few responsibilities. Part emotional support system and part logistical lifesaver, you've got a few jobs to do today (including having a blast at your best friend's wedding, of course). Here's everything you need to know to earn your MVP, maid of honor title on her Big Day.

1. Be able to recite the wedding day timeline in your sleep.

Your bride has enough on her plate without having to worry about whether hair and makeup is running 23 minutes behind the timeline. Knowing the ins and outs of every hour will help you keep the bridal party celebrating, but on schedule.

2. Keep a list of family and vendor numbers on hand at all times.

If something goes wrong, you'll be able to quietly save the day without pestering the bride. You never know when you'll need it, so we suggest keeping the list handy all night.

3. Stock up on emergency essentials, and stash them nearby.

Someone spill a glass of champagne on her chiffon dress right before pictures? Not to worry, you've got a blow dryer in your bag. Blisters have your bridesmaids hobbling before they've even made it down the aisle? You're the girl with the Band-Aids. Create a small emergency kit with items like floss, safety pins, scissors, tissues, and other Big Day necessities. Keep it within reach, but out of sight.

4. Make sure your bride eats and drinks (something besides alcohol).

Her stomach may be in knots, but she definitely needs to eat, hydrate, and avoid over drinking before the ceremony at all costs. In between sips of champagne, make sure she's snacking on protein packed foods and drinking a decent amount of water. Keep the bride's favorite treat on hand, too. There's nothing like a sweet treat to calm a last minute case of cold feet.

5. Help your bride in and out of her dress, and just keep fluffing.

She's a ball of nerves, so getting her into a ball gown and dressed to the nines may be harder than you realize. Once she's in, she's going to have to get back out, or have layers of tulle lifted a time or two, when she needs to go to the bathroom. Ready or not, you'll be helping her fluff, rearrange, and straighten all night.

6. Guard the groom's ring with your life.

Keep this important piece of jewelry safe and in sight all morning. One of the best ways to keep track of the groom's ring is to wear it on your thumb. Whatever you do, don't leave the bridal suite and head to the ceremony without his ring in hand.

7. Be her helping hand during the ceremony by attending to her train, bouquet, and rings.

Before she makes her walk, give your bride's dress one last fluff to make sure her beautiful train flows flawlessly down the aisle. It may need adjusting once she gets to the alter as well. Be sure to hold her bouquet during the vows, and hand over the groom's ring at the right time. Once they've said "I do," don't forget to hand the bride's bouquet back as they celebrate their way up the aisle.

8. Be ready to make an interception at the reception.

Sure, it's been a while since the bride has seen great aunt Gene, but she can't spare 30 minutes at her once in a lifetime event to chat about this summer's heat wave in south Georgia. You used to be the sorority rush queen, so you've had plenty of practice jumping in to redirect a conversation when necessary. Have a game plan for how transition reception conversations, and help your bride move about the room.

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9. Make sure it's all wrapped up before you roll out.

Do all of the bridesmaids have their getting ready bags? Are the wedding gifts packed and loaded in the car? Are you forgetting the toasting flutes or the guest book? Make sure there's nothing left behind before you officially retire your maid of honor badge.