What's Written Inside that Cute Little Bridesmaid Card is a Beautiful Thing

Creativity is key in planning the perfect bridesmaid proposal, but don't lose sight of the meaning behind the question you're asking.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card
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In case you haven't noticed, wedding planning "moments" are officially a thing these days. From the minute he asks, to the day you say "I do," there are a million engagement moments you'll want to pull off perfectly, and of course, share with the world on Instagram and Facebook.

Engagement party décor and celebration snapshots? Check. Picturesque engagement photos showing you two having the time of your life in the middle of a random field? A must share. Bridal shopping sneak peeks on your Instagram stories? How could you not?

But, if you ask us, there are certain things in the wedding planning process that should be kept close to your heart and away from your newsfeeds. One such thing? Personal notes to your best friends and family asking each of them to be a bridesmaid on your Big Day.

We 100 percent support sharing the beautifully designed front of the card (we love this Rifle Paper Co. bridesmaid card for the perfect picture!) or creative package you put together for your ultimate gal pals, but that heartfelt message you inscribed inside is significant, and it's meant just for each of them.

You see, the thing to keep in mind is that you're asking them a meaningful question on so many levels. You're validating the bond between you both by including them in the biggest day of your life. You're asking them to dedicate a decent amount of their time (and money) to supporting and celebrating you. You're reminiscing on how you've always been there for each other, and you're reminding them that will never change.

So, the way you ask each of your bridesmaids to be in your wedding should be as special and unique as each woman is to you. Take the time to pen a moving message to each of them, or if that's just not you, keep it light with something only the two of you understand. Slip in one of your favorite snapshots (grab one of those old school, goofy high school goodies for a laugh) for an extra special touch.

Make it a touching moment. Take a cute picture to celebrate a successful "yes!" But, keep some of it sacred.

Once you've asked all of your gals, get ready to be celebrated like only your best friends know how. After showing them lots of love with your perfectly planned bridesmaid proposals, we predict lots of special showers and parties in your honor await!

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