Blush and bashful takes on a whole new shade.

Nostalgia Rose Dress
Credit: Instagram / @lindsaycampbellphotography

In the bridal world, trends come in all shapes and sizes. Some are radical enough to make Mama say a little somethin' (hint: white bridesmaid dresses), while others offer a welcomed, slight evolution from recent fashions. Either way, the best thing about new wedding styles is the ever-changing range of inspiration it provides new brides.

Recently, it's bridesmaid dresses that are turning heads. From floral dress designs to sleeker, wear-more-than-once styles, bridesmaid fashion is in a season of revival. Slight changes each year offer a wider range of options, saving women across the South from ending up with a closet full of duds. But, no matter what walks down the bridal runway each season, not a single look has pushed blush off its pedestal. The soft, pale pink color has reigned supreme in for every cut, fit, and style you can image. Entering 2018, that just might change.

Newly-engaged 2018 brides, meet Nostalgia Rose, the best thing to happen to blush since Steel Magnolias. Bridal trend experts are touting the pink-based shade as the "it" color for this year's bridesmaids, and we're on board. While it may seem similar to recent blush color trends, its richer hue and purple undertones bring a whole new energy to the aisle. An exciting example of a subtle style evolution, this deeper variation on blush is a welcomed change from some its sweeter, more girlish pink predecessor.

We're also digging this switch to a deeper color because of the versatility it offers. Nostalgia Rose fits seamlessly into wedding color palettes no matter the design inspiration or season. Pair with pastels in spring or foliage in fall, and it's sure to stun. Best yet, we are willing to bet your bridesmaids will be in total agreement on the flattering color when it's time to make decisions in the dressing room.

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So, happy dress shopping, 2018 brides. This popular new shade of mauve meets pink is sure to make it easier.

Main photo courtesy of Lindsay Campbell Photography