After Finding Love in Bible Study Class, Texas Couple in Their 80s Weds at Senior Living Facility

"I have learned that love is timeless."

Janice Matamoros Otto Ewers
Photo: Time Knot Forgotten Photography

On Saturday, 89-year-old Janice Matamoros and 82-year-old Otto Ewers said "I do" in front of their neighbors and friends at Belmont Village Senior Living Lakeway in Lakeway, Texas.

It's a day neither of them anticipated. But life, it seems, has its own plans.

Community staff told KXAN that Matamoros and Ewers have been "inseparable" since they first met in the senior living facility's weekly Bible study class two years ago.

"After my wife passed away, I prayed for God to send me a woman who loved the Lord, could teach me about the word of God and who likes to watch football," Ewers, who is originally from Alice, Texas, told Southern Living. "Jan checks every box!"

Janice Matamoros Otto Ewers
Time Knot Forgotten Photography

Belmont Village helped organize a beautiful outdoor wedding officiated by Pastor Brent Graham of Lakeway Church—the same pastor who leads the facility's fateful Bible study class. Around 60 guests, including residents and staff members, attended the ceremony and patio reception.

Matamoros, dressed in white, was all smiles as she wed the love she never saw coming.

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"I have learned that love is timeless," the Baton Rouge-native told Southern Living. "I didn't think I'd ever want to find love or be married again, but life is full of surprises!"

Congratulations, y'all!

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