These tips will help keep your funds in check when it's time to check out.

By Southern Living Editors

Weekly trips to the grocery store can often lead to spending beyond your budget. For a smarter, more practical approach to grocery shopping, here are four simple ways to save money each week.

Organize your grocery lists and write down the necessities. Before you head to the store, search through your refrigerator and pantry, and jot down missing key items. This task will help to avoid unnecessary purchases on products you don't need—or already have!

Buying meat in bulk can help minimize costs. Avoid pre-cut beef or poultry. Take home larger, less-expensive cuts and do the work yourself. Prepare your own burger patties or individual portions of chicken breast.

The next time you find yourself using too much marina for your pasta, save the extra sauce by storing it in the freezer. You can save money by pouring any unused sauce, gravy, or broth into ice cubes trays. Seal the frozen cubes in plastic bags and you'll have the perfect amount ready for your next dinner.

Fresh herbs are a great addition to almost every meal—and you shouldn't let a single stem go to waste! Be sure to hang any extra, unused cilantro, rosemary or basil up to dry. Dried herbs put your scraps to good use and make a welcome addition to your spice rack.

On your next visit to the supermarket, these four tips will help keep your funds in check when it's time to check out.