12 Clever Ways To Use Wax Paper

Wax paper can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen and beyond.

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My earliest memory of using wax paper outside the kitchen was a childhood favorite. My parents bought us an old swing set with a slide way back when (this was before plastic swing sets were invented). Unfortunately, the slide was so old that it was next to impossible to slide down without getting stuck. My father had the brilliant idea of having my little brother and I sit on wax paper to be able to slide down seamlessly. It worked, and we always had to use wax paper to get down the slide. 

Thankfully, playsets have come a long way in the last 20 years. You probably don’t need to use wax paper to get down a slide, but there are many other unusual ways folks can use wax paper beyond while baking. Below, you’ll find 12 clever ways to use wax paper both in and out of the kitchen. 

Line the Fridge and Cabinets

“Use wax paper to keep the top of the fridge, inside the drawers, and shelves clean,” suggests Cortney Fries, Senior Brand Manager at Reynolds Kitchens. “You can even line your cabinets—instead of scrubbing dirt and dust, simply replace the wax paper as needed.”

Make a funnel

In case you don’t have an actual funnel in stock, you can easily make one with wax paper and then toss it out once you’re done. Simply roll the wax paper into a cone and use it to pour liquids—it won’t soak the paper.

Use It To Help Flatten Chicken Breasts

Before pounding any meat to create cutlets, use wax paper in between it and your mallet to help avoid any unwanted stickiness and keep it in place. This also prevents your meat mallet from getting dirty as well. 

Make a Disposable Spoon Rest

“Cooking and baking can get messy,” explains Fries. “Use Reynolds Kitchens Cut-Rite Wax Paper to create a spoon rest when working with sticky sauces or messy ingredients and save on cleanup time.”

Keep the Microwave Clean

“Use [wax paper] as a splatter cover for all of your microwave woes,” suggests Fries. “Place a sheet on top of reheated leftovers to protect from any potential messy splatters.”

Dust the House

Wax paper makes a surprisingly great alternative when it comes to collecting dust. Simply wrap the paper onto remote controls and consoles, or glide the wax paper on tabletops and shelves to collect any dust.

Polish Home Fixtures

Bathroom faucets, doorknobs, shower knobs, and more—you can keep them all sparkly and shiny by polishing them with some wax paper. The wax is able to repel oil and water from household faucets and knobs so you can eliminate any fingerprints or residue. 

Make Soap Coverings 

“It’s a great idea to wrap homemade soap in [wax paper] so that you can see and smell the scent through the covering,” explains Fries. 

Slicken a Snow Shovel

Shoveling snow is already a tough task, but even more so if the snow keeps sticking to the shovel. By rubbing the shovel's edge with wax paper to create a slicker surface, the snow should glide right off. Similar to how my brother and I used wax paper to slide down the slide!

Seal Paint Cans

To avoid any dried-up paint in the can, place some wax paper directly on top of the paint to preserve it before sealing it up. Another great tip: wrap paint brushes in wax paper between coats to keep them from drying out.

Unstick a Zipper

“If you have a zipper that seems to be sticking, just rub [wax paper] over the teeth and it will soon glide easier,” suggests Fries. 

Recork Wine Bottles

When you struggle to get the cork out and then try to put it back again, it usually ends up with pesky bits of cork in your wine. To avoid this problem, just wrap the cork in wax paper. It seals it nicely and helps re-cork the bottle with much less hassle.

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