Group Of Volunteer Knitters Completing Unfinished Projects Of People Who Died

"It's like they're getting a piece of their loved one back to them.”

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Many people leave this world with unfinished business, and friends Jen Simonic and Masey Kaplan are working to change that, one stitch at a time. 

Upworthy recently highlighted the knitters, who started a volunteer organization that helps people complete unfinished projects left behind by their loved ones.

"We had been asked by friends who had lost loved ones if we could finish projects for them," Kaplan told WMTW. "By finishing it, they would be able to wear that person's love, basically. And after we had each done a number of projects, it occurred to us that there was an opportunity to let other people express that kind of generosity to each other as well, even between strangers."

Inspired by their shared experience, Kaplan and Simonic founded Loose Ends in September. The project grew quickly via word of mouth, and they currently have more than 1,000 volunteers from all over the world. The growing number of volunteers, also known as “finishers,” use their talents to finish the undone knitting, quilting, or crocheting projects of people who have died or become disabled. Once a “finisher” completes an item, it is shipped back to the intended families and friends.

"It's like they're getting a piece of their loved one back to them," Kaplan told WMTW. "That person had started by touching this garment and creating it with them in mind. So it's very moving. We get a lot of really touching and beautiful stories about things that are returned."

Loved ones only have to pay to ship their unfinished project to a finisher. Kaplan and Simonic aren’t making any money off of Loose Ends and they don't intend to. 

"We're not curing cancer or solving hunger, but we are reminding people that there's people out there that care about strangers," Simonic told KING 5 News.

If you’d like to support Loose Ends, you can donate to their GoFundMe page to help cover shipping costs and other expenses. 

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