Here’s Why A North Carolina Teacher Has Her Students Rooting For The Eagles In The Super Bowl

"Fly, Eagles, fly!"

North Carolina native, now Philadelphia Eagle Landon Dickerson is getting some adorable support from his hometown ahead of the Super Bowl this weekend, all thanks to his former teacher and her class of second graders.  

Maria Creger's Class

Maria Creger 

Maria Creger taught Dickerson when he was in first grade 19 years ago in Hickory, North Carolina. She also happens to be a lifelong Eagles fan.  When she realized her favorite team and one of her former students were headed to the Super Bowl, she knew she wanted to do something to wish him good luck.

Maria Creger

Maria Creger

She taught her students the Eagles fight song, taped it and had the video delivered to Dickerson ahead of the game.  

“Hey Landon,” Creger says on the video with her students standing behind her in front of the school, “we are here at Viewmont Elementary cheering you on.” The kids go on to sing the Eagles fight song.  

Creger said all she wanted from the video was to let Dickerson know “Hey we remember you.” Now, she said, she has “29 new Eagles fans.”  

Keegan O’Brien, 8, is one of those fans, though he says he’s most looking forward to the “snacks” on Super Bowl Sunday, specifically “chicken” and “cheese sticks.”  

Keegan O’Brien

Maria Creger

Creger said talking to her current students about Dickerson helps her reiterate what she’s constantly telling her students anyway - that they can become “anything they want if they work hard and try their best.”  

Creger remembers Dickerson fondly as a “very funny, very outgoing, all around good kid” when she taught him 19 years ago.  

Dickerson seems to remember Viewmont Elementary fondly as well. Creger said when she was watching Monday Night Football this season, the broadcasters introduced Dickerson’s alma mater as Viewmont Elementary - instead of Florida State or Alabama, the colleges he attended. 

Creger has heard that Dickerson saw the video and he “loved it.”  

“I did hear that his mom cried,” Creger also said.

For the Eagles contingent at Viewmont Elementary, hopefully they’ll also be crying tears of joy on Sunday night. 

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