We're breaking out the good old-fashioned candies this week, and we're sharing them with our favorite Southern kids. Have you ever heard of potato candy? These kids haven't. It's a classic candy recipe that results in a sugary swirl—usually a popular thing with kids under the age of 12. One taste of potato candy, though, prompts some diverging opinions from this group of Southern kids.

When they first taste the potato candy, the kids are all about the sugary sweetness. Once we told them the name of it, though, they weren't so sure. "It does look like a potato," one child quips. There are more than a few "Ewwwww!" reactions to go around, even one "Ewww! I don't like potatoes!" But those of us who know potato candy know the real story, and one candy-loving child puts any and all tasting trepidations to rest: "It's candy, not a real potato!"

Get the recipe: Potato Candy