Say cheese!

By Southern Living

What happens when you hand a Polaroid One-Step camera to a group of Southern kids? All sorts of things. This old-fashioned camera is just not something today's kids see every day, as one child points out when he says, "I'd rather use a phone." Now that we have the instant capture of our cell phones and digital cameras, the Polaroid One-Step is a thing of the not-so-distant past. (Though new designs have made a comeback in recent years).

Ask today's Southern kids how old the contraption is, and they'll answer with all manner of guesses, anywhere from "thirty years old" to "a hundred years old" to the bold guess of "a hundred and sixty thousand years old." Retro, indeed. Tell them to shake the picture, and they'll be exasperated: "You have to shake it a lot." "How long will this take?" Too long, kid. Too long. No matter how old-fashioned the camera, though, Southern kids still know how to capture a good selfie. Watch the video to see how Southern kids react.