"Is that bacon?"

By Southern Living

We have fond memories of sitting at Nana's table. Some of our favorite foods came from our grandmothers' kitchens. Not every generation appreciates the classics, though. We tested out a tried-and-true dessert—Nana's Lime Delight—on some unsuspecting Southern kids, and their reactions are priceless. From questioning whether or not it's actually food to investigating the texture and aroma, these kids are curious about this bright green food, because it's one that we just don't see much anymore. (But we should—some of us know that this dish is just plain delicious.)

The youngsters' descriptions of the surprising dish run the gamut: "A mint Jello thing," "It kinda feels like dried-up slime," "It tastes like Mountain Dew," and "Is that bacon?" are just a few of the unexpected reactions from these kids. Several are decidedly not fans of the jiggly green slice, but there are some who, we can safely say, have found their new favorite dessert.