This Slow-Cooker Roasted Chicken recipe has all the flavor and warmth of a gourmet meal, but it doesn’t several involve hours in the kitchen. The convenience of a slow cooker ultimately saves the day when the regular duties of life leave you little time to prepare a filling meal. Complete with spices like cayenne pepper, fresh thyme, and paprika, there’s no doubt this recipe will leave you and your family utterly satisfied. A long and low cook times makes the chicken incredibly tender, and craving a second serving is almost inevitable! Slow-Cooked Roasted Chicken is the perfect choice for a relaxed, chilly winter evening. Throw in some spices, a few fresh ingredients, and a chicken, and let the nifty slow cooker do the work for you.  Not convinced? This recipe serves four people, and it will only take thirty-five minutes to prepare! There’s nothing more rewarding than sitting down to the dinner table with a hearty and delicious meal that took very little effort.

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