Velcro Rollers Are Popular Again, But Southern Women Never Stopped Using Them

This is the year of voluminous hair, so break out the old pastel rollers.

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Women in Hair Rollers

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Big hair was always destined to come back into style. Cindy Crawford and her perfect 90s supermodel blowout remain iconic for that very reason. Dolly Parton doesn’t keep her larger-than-life wigs on her bedside table for nothing. Our mothers and grandmothers didn’t allow us to watch in awe as they teased and sprayed and curled in the bathroom mirror for us to renounce the big hair that Southern women are known for. It was predetermined that we would take up the task again—velcro rollers are back. 

Why We Love Velcro Rollers

The return of bouncy, flippy, volume-packed hair shows that no matter what trends come and go, we always end up idolizing our mothers and grandmothers again in the end. Hair rollers have been used since the 1920s, but they were especially popular during the 80s and 90s when big hair was the preferred look, locked in with a cloud of drugstore hair spray. Just like it did back then, big hair makes an entrance and commands the room, and that’s one thing that we’re welcoming back with open arms this year. 

There are many reasons why voluminous hair has become one of the biggest trends for hair this year. Nostalgia for 1990s beauty fads, such as claw clips and scrunchies, has been the recent driving force of what's considered cool, but for those looking for a new haircut or way to style their hair down, rollers are the perfect tool to revisit. Old-school velcro rollers took off in mainstream popularity amongst all ages again due to being relatively easy to use and able to be applied on both damp and dry hair. They’re also ideal for those looking for a bouncy, not-too-curly blowout that looks straight out of the salon. 

How To Get Mama's Perfect Blowout

To use velcro rollers for a blowout look, you’ll want to start with a set that contains different sizes of rollers, and you'll want to favor the medium and large sizes the most. Those will ensure your hair turns out more Cindy Crawford and less Shirley Temple. If using the velcro rollers after blow-drying or curling your hair, make sure to keep the rollers in while your hair cools down completely. Or as your mother or grandmother would have said, “let it set.” Using rollers can seem intimidating, but practice makes perfect. This tutorial by @acquiredstyle helps you master the basics.

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This is the year of voluminous hair. All you need is a set of velcro rollers—and an extra spritz of hair spray on your way out the door.

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