Southerners take tomatoes very seriously. We love to grow our own tomatoes, of all varieties, so that we have the option of fresh salsa or pasta sauce at any and every turn. We buy up all of the different colors and shapes at the farmers’ market to test out different acidities and sweetness. Some Southerners are so passionate about tomatoes that they’re preserving heirloom varieties to make sure that future generations can have the chance to bite into a juicy, purple tomato. If you’re a fan of finding the best tomatoes on the market, you’ll love this beautiful tomato pie recipe. Now, whether or not you’ve got Mama’s Tomato Pie tabbed in your recipe box, we’d encourage you to try out this smoky, bacon-infused twist on one of our favorite Southern classics. It's been so popular that we've included it in our Recipe Revival cookbook. Tomato, Bacon, and Cheddar Pie is made with chopped bacon in the crust, a sharp Cheddar, Parmesan, and sour cream base, and layers of vibrant, colorful tomatoes. We’ve used everything from purple to red to yellow tomatoes in this homemade tomato pie recipe, and the variety of flavors makes this pie an easy crowd-pleaser.

Tomato, Bacon, and Cheddar Pie is a beautiful star of any garden party or ladies luncheon, because it’s light enough to serve at lunch without weighing you down for the afternoon. It’s perfectly sliceable, stuns on a cake stand, and is one of our top-rated recipes for its celebration of fresh summer produce. The key to making this recipe work is letting the tomatoes stand with a little bit of salt before adding them to the pie. Pat the tomato slices down to remove any excess moisture, sprinkle with salt, and then let them sit on the counter for around 30 minutes. By letting the tomatoes sit, you’re drawing out excess liquid that would make your crust soggy. And, we all need a crisp crust to impress the neighbors.

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