We love celebrating the season with baskets and baskets full of fresh produce. Spring and summer in the South always bring around an abundance of beautiful, ripe tomatoes. Maybe you've got some gorgeous heirloom varieties in a backyard vegetable garden that you'd like to use. Or, maybe you've got some bright yellow tomatoes leftover from your last farmers' market run. Whatever the excuse – we recommend putting those tomatoes to very good use with this colorful, fresh Herbed Tomato Tart recipe. A lighter take on classic Southern Tomato Pie, this tart comes together simply with a frozen pastry sheet.

Before you begin the recipe process, slice your tomatoes and set them aside on a paper towel with some salt. This will pull some of their moisture out so that your tart doesn't become soggy. Let them stand for about thirty minutes. In the mean time, you'll want to bake the puff pastry, just a little, so that it's thoroughly cooked by the time your tart comes out of the oven. Top this pastry with mozzarella cheese, crumbled feta cheese, chopped garlic, and some chopped chives. Then add on your slices of tomatoes in a single layer. Try experimenting with all different varieties and colors, as well as using grape or cherry tomato halves to fill in any gaps in the layer. Then, you'll want to add a drizzle of olive oil, some salt, and your fresh herbs. We used basil, dill, thyme, and parsley as our fresh, assorted herbs, but just about any combination that pairs well with tomatoes – like oregano and tarragon – would work. Once you've pulled your tart out of the oven, you can cut it into pizza slice-size portions, or into smaller triangles if you're serving at a party. Since frozen puff pastry sheets come in pairs, you'll have enough to make a second Herbed Tomato Tart if you desire (we think that you will!).

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