Recipe: Summer Squash Frittata

Doesn’t this frittata make you want to sit on your porch and watch the sun rise over the Smoky Mountains? This seasonal breakfast recipe has everything that your next brunch function needs – protein-rich eggs, tart sour cream, and a hearty helping of squash picked at the peak of the season. The squash you choose makes all the difference in this recipe. We recommend pulling zucchini and summer squash at the peak of the season from your local farmers’ market. When you can get it at the right time, the squash will have a sweeter taste to it, and you can avoid any bitterness in your frittata. Although this recipe is perfectly sliceable and filling for a Saturday breakfast, we’d also encourage you to test out this recipe with your family for dinner. Kids and adults alike raved at the rich, deep flavors of this egg recipe, and it won’t take you much hands-on time to pull together (you'll be done in under 40 minutes). If you’ve got a cast iron skillet handy, be sure to use it for cooking your frittata. This will bring a more smoky, savory twist to the recipe.

Slices of this bright Summer Squash Frittata can certainly hold their own on the table, but we also love topping this recipe with a little garnish. If you’ve got some fresh salsa around, this summer frittata recipe plays well with a Tex-Mex twist of avocado, salsa, and sour cream. You can also serve with shredded cheese for guests to top onto their individual slices. This soft, buttery recipe makes a pretty breakfast centerpiece, as well, when topped with some fresh herbs and served directly out of the skillet. Be ready to hand out the recipe, because this Summer Squash Frittata is too easy to pass up!

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