We've taste-tested the pumpkin spice trend to death, yes – but some of the pumpkin spice concoctions that have crossed our desks may actually be worth the fun fall festivity. Take this Pumpkin Spice Milkshake from our friends at eHow, for example. This incredibly over-the-top dessert – inspired by some of nation's crazy shake shops – combines pumpkin pie filling, creamy vanilla ice cream, and milk to make a thick, not-too-sweet milkshake base. Give us five minutes with the blender, and it's ready to roll! If you're ready to take your shake to the next level, though, you should definitely break out the caramel sauce, graham crackers, whipped cream, pumpkin donuts, donut holes, caramel corn, and sprinkles. (We get to wear bulky sweaters all fall and winter, right?) Talk about one enormous treat for your sweet tooth! So, grab a couple of your girlfriends, lay out some toppings on the table, and let your guests build their own Pumpkin Spice Milkshake – we promise it'll be a hit!

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