Ever wonder why your mushrooms get slimy and gross so quickly? It's frustrating to plan out a meal for the week only to find that one of your key ingredients has gone bad in the fridge. Mushrooms can be a finicky vegetable to keep fresh, so we turned to our friends at Well Done for some advice. Here are some easy to follow tips that show you exactly how you should store your mushrooms when you bring them home from the grocery store or the farmers' market. One important idea? Be sure to keep the mushrooms in the original packaging. The small perforations in the top of the package let out any gases that could cause your mushrooms to turn more quickly. If your mushrooms are coming from the farmers' market, keep them in looser packaging. Using a brown paper bag or partially open plastic will let them breathe. With these simple tips, you can be all set to whip up a batch of our Queso Fundido with Mushrooms. What are your best tips for keeping vegetables from going bad?

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