We wouldn’t dream of asking you to put away Mama’s prize-winning cornbread recipe, but you may want to test out this fresh twist at your next dinner for company. An elevated version of the recipe we all know and love, Fresh Corn Spoonbread is almost just as it sounds – made with fresh ears of corn and served in single-serving ramekins with a spoon like you would corn pudding. The fresh corn should be picked at the peak of the season for optimum sweetness – trust us, it makes a huge difference with the depth of the spoonbread’s flavor. These fresh corn kernels lace the soft spoonbread, and give texture to the bread. If you hate cutting corn off of the cob, we’ve got a tip that you should try. Use a Bundt or tube pan to catch all the kernels of your corn. Simply place the ear of corn in the pan’s central hole, and then cut downwards. This method provides a little extra support while you’re cutting, and is one of Test Kitchen’s tried-and-true methods.

Making this Fresh Corn Spoonbread starts – of course – with self-rising white cornmeal. We’ve also added in plain yogurt, which gives the recipe a creamy texture. The yogurt provides moisture to your spoonbread, so that scooping with a spoon brings out a light, fluffy bite. To add more flavor to your spoonbread, our Test Kitchen Professionals included fresh thyme. If you’re not big on thyme, you can use other fresh herbs from your garden – like rosemary or oregano – to add into the recipe. Fresh thyme balances out the sweetness of the corn, and gives the dish a little extra color. Once your Fresh Corn Spoonbread is finished in the oven, serve with some additional fresh thyme as a pretty flourish for guests. The dish should be served warm, so that you get a nice, steamy bite when you’re ready to dig in. This recipe plays well alongside summer grilling, baked chicken dishes, and pork chop recipes. You can even prepare Fresh Corn Spoonbread for larger potluck events – just prepare the recipe in a 9- x 13-inch casserole dish and monitor carefully to avoid over-baking.

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