This old-school gesture is Cupid-approved.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
January 22, 2019

As far as kitschy go, Valentine's Day is up there. We swoon over bouquets of red roses dotted with sprigs of baby's breath, and we blush when that giant-sized box of chocolates shows up at the office. Bring on the kitsch, we say!

It's the one day where we can feel like we're back in elementary school, anxiously watching Valentines fall one by one into our decorated box. "You've stolen a pizza my heart," one says with a slice of pizza drawn beneath. Adorable.

So now when we see every storebought Valentine covered with a princess, action hero, or Peppa Pig character, we start to understand those bitter people who think that Valentine's Day was just "invented by greeting card companies." (We beg to differ—Here's the real story behind Valentine's Day.) But, really, what happened to all the homemade Valentines?

If we were in the 19th century, you'd compose a handwritten letter, charming your darling with the written word. In soliloquy form, if really going for it. Decades later, things get decidedly more DIY. You'd painstakingly cut out a heart-shaped paper note and decorate it with cutwork lace, ribbon trim, and hand-drawn doodles.

Eventually, we all collectively upped the ante by pairing our Valentines with pieces of candy attached with string or tape. We'd give the best candies from the assorted bag to the cutest boy in homeroom. This is the stuff that makes a boy stand outside your window holding up a boom box, right? Those bulk-bought cards…not the stuff.

This year, there's no better way to say "Will you be my Valentine?" than by going old-school, breaking out the glue stick, and making a handmade Valentine. Throw in a famous Shakespearean love quote, or perhaps a romantic haiku, and you're definitely getting lucky in love. Date night, here we come.

If you need inspiration, these customizable scratch-off cards double as a fun game, and these hand-stitched cards will certainly impress. But remember: It's not about how good it is. It's about taking the time to create something that shows your significant other, sweetheart, or secret crush that you care. Remember, we've got our eye on the prize: Boom box moment.

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At the end of the day, there are just some things that a chalky conversation heart can't say, but an old-fashioned love note will definitely do the trick.