If you’re hoping to ditch the floral arrangement gift this Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner with something more unique, here are 5 refreshingly special presents. The Night Sky Custom Map tracks the stars during a distinctive time in your relationship. Each custom design makes you reminisce about the moment you knew they were “the one.”

Give your sweetheart a personalized grid for $60. Snack of the month club will have your crush enjoying delicious treats. Boxes are delivered to your darling’s door each month, and it includes four to six sweet or salty treats.

Adoption Cards are the gift that keeps on giving! Your dearest can use the present to symbolically adopt an animal of their choosing. Wildlife from lion cubs to narwhals can be chosen for $55.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera captures tender moments in your partnership. Save all your memories, and only spend $59.

Medley + Noir Blooming Teas mirror the beauty of your Valentine. Place dried flowers into hot water and watch the tea bloom!  All of these thoughtful presents are sure to make your sweetheart fall for you all over again.

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