We want a shot at inscribing Sweethearts when they return.

We want a shot at inscribing Sweethearts when they return.

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Shocking news, y’all: Sweethearts conversation candy will not be available this Valentine’s Day.

MarketNews, CNBC, People, and other media reported this week that the original maker—New England Confectionery Company, or NECCO—shut down in July 2018. Spangler Candy Company, which has acquired Sweethearts, didn’t take ownership early enough to get conversation hearts into production in time for Valentine's Day. But a relaunch is in the works.

Even though you can still buy conversation hearts made by other brands, like Brach’s, we still wish Sweethearts a successful comeback in 2020. And we’d like to help with messaging.

Why? Nostalgia, for one thing. Long before smart phones enabled us to text things like LYSM (love you so much) or U4E (you forever), we handed each other little heart-shaped sweet-sour candies with messages inscribed on them. Primitive, yes, but effective. These romantic edibles have always been part of Valentine’s Day.

Conversation hearts have evolved over the years. They’re not all about romance. Some are funny, some are insulting, some are sports themed. And while we appreciate the other companies who are making them available this year, we see a Sweethearts reboot as the South’s chance to get a dog in the hunt and put our unique spin on conversation hearts sayings. (We’ll need bigger hearts, though, because Southerners can’t say anything in two words or less.)

Spangler Candy Company, if you’re listening, we think these conversation hearts would play well in the South:

Fixin’ To Kiss
C’mere, Sugar
Write Our Love On A Water Tower
Hug Me Like All Get-Out
Sweet On You
How’s YR Mama’n’em?
Aren’t U Sweet
Hound Dog
I Reckon I Love You
It’s Beau Time
LYMTMS (Love You More Than My Silverado)
Hey, Y’all, Watchiss
Looka Yonder
Gimme Some Sugar
Hotter’n Texas
Bless Your Heart
Georgia Peach
Bama Girl
Louisiana Reauxmance
Kiss Me Every Touchdown
SweeTea Pie
Grits To My Greens
Butter To My Biscuit
Sugar Dumplin’
Doodle Bug
Love Bug
Little Mama
Big Daddy
Snuggle Bunny

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