With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve been in the mood to watch some our favorite love stories on the big screen.  Let’s take a look at five romantic films that charmed the box office. Ghost gave a whole new meaning to those Sunday pottery classes. The 1990 classic earned an astonishing $217.6 million at the box office. Toula has to convince her family to accept her non-Greek fiancé, Ian, in the rom-com hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The indie phenomenon fascinated audiences everywhere and walked $241.4 million down the cinematic aisle.

This tale as old as time still captures hearts after all these years. 2017’s Beauty and the Beast took to the big screen, live action-style, and raked in enough dough impress even the Beast. How much did it take to be their guest? A rosy $504 million! We’ll never let go of the epic romance between Jack and Rose. Titanic proved that nothing comes between true love – not even an iceberg. James Cameron’s 1997 film sailed into our tear-filled lives and brought in an astounding $659.3 million!

Vampires aren’t the only things that glistened at the box office. The Twilight Saga’s five films all grossed incredible numbers as Teams Edward and Jacob fought for Bella’s affection. But, it was the vampire who came out victorious – as well as the series that earned a total of $1.36 billion! With this list of successful films, you’ll be ready to go for a movie marathon on Valentine’s Day.

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