Yes, Tyler Candle Company’s Glamorous Wash Detergent Is Worth All The Hype

It makes my laundry smell like lily of the valley, citrus, and rose.

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Tyler Glamorous Wash


For years, I was a Tide Pods loyalist: I’d buy the biggest bucket available on Amazon, throw a pod in with every wash, and repurchase the same massive bin every few months when my supply started to run low. It was an easy, cost-effective, and routine purchase—much like the chore of doing laundry.

Yet, I have an unopened container of pods sitting on the top shelf of my laundry room that my Amazon history tells me I ordered in July. This is because I’ve discovered Tyler Candle Company’s Glamorous Wash

glamorous wash


BUY IT: $33 for 32 ounces;

After years of hearing about Tyler Candle Company’s products and saving one-too-many videos of people swearing by Glamorous Wash online, I finally gave into the hype and purchased a bottle at a boutique in my hometown. The detergent comes in 10 scents, ranging from refreshing Eucalyptus to sweet Mango Tango and fresh Limelight. I had heard the most about Diva, which the website describes as “a warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals.” But, after meticulously smelling each bottle, I decided Kathina was the choice for me. I love fragrant florals, and with perfume, gravitate towards anything with notes of rose, so it’s no surprise that I landed on Kathina—a scent described as “sensual lily of the valley intertwined with citrus and rose. Very dramatic and overdone!!”

At the expense of my wallet and the happiness of my heart, it was love at first wash. The detergent is dramatic and overdone, just as the label suggests, but in the best way. I now put a splash in every load of laundry and after 45 minutes in the wash, my towels, sheets, and sweaty workout clothes emerge smelling like a fresh floral garden. It is a strong scent, which I personally love, but others recommend mixing it with water or an unscented detergent for a more toned-down smell that also makes a bottle last longer. I choose to embrace the floral scent and use the detergent on its own, and while I realize this is a luxury, it somehow makes doing my laundry seem like less of a chore. 

tyler candle detergent


BUY IT: $63 for 128 ounces;

I'm not alone in my devotion. Friends have been raving about Glamorous Wash for years, and it has even gone viral on the Internet with moms raving about how they use it to make linens, laundry, and even their living rooms smell divine (you can put it in a spray bottle with water and use it as a room spray). The detergent’s most popular scent, Diva, has more than 21,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, and it’s not just the ladies who love it. When asked how husbands respond to the admittedly floral aroma, one reviewer wrote, “My husband only mentioned the scent when we ran out of the detergent—he missed the way his laundry smelled and asked me to order again!” 

You know the saying, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful?” Well, that’s how I feel about Glamorous Wash. This fragrant detergent is worth every penny. 

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