This Nostalgic Set of Tupperware Containers Is Trending At Amazon, And Shoppers Say The Quality Is ‘Unmatched’

They have the brand’s classic airtight lids.

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Tupperware Heritage Collection 10 Piece Food Storage Container Set Tout


If you love to add vintage touches to your home, we found just what you need: this adorable set of Tupperware containers. The classic bowls will make you feel so nostalgic while brightening up your kitchen. And you can grab the 10-piece set now for $60 at Amazon. 

The set includes five Heritage Collection bowls and five of the brand’s Instant Seal lids in a variety of sizes: 3.5 cups, 5.25 cups, 8 cups, 11.75 cups, and 17.25 cups. The airtight lids maintain freshness and prevent spills, so you can pack the containers in a lunch box or a picnic bag. There’s no need to struggle to squeeze out all the extra air because the tops are super easy to close, too—grip the side handles and press on the middle of the lid to snap it shut. According to one five-star reviewer, you don’t have to play “whack-a-mole pushing the lid down” because each side stays in place.

Tupperware Heritage Collection 10 Piece Food Storage Container Set


BUY IT: $59.99;

The dishwasher-safe containers are stackable to save space in your cabinets and drawers when not in use. And the vintage-inspired colors are so fun. The bowls come in pastel green, blue, pink, and yellow. One shopper commented that the containers remind them of their mom and grandma. 

Another reviewer raved, “This set of Tupperware brought back tons of memories of growing up. The quality of Tupperware is unmatched, and the bowls are indescribable. Food never sticks to the insides and [they] don’t stain from tomato sauce.” Other customers say that the containers are “sturdy and well-made.”

Another upside to the Tupperware set? You’ll use fewer bowls when cooking because you can prepare and store food in the same container (and you’ll have fewer to clean, which is always a bonus). Mix a salad or dressing in a bowl, then just cover it with the lid to save for later. Plus, they’re pretty enough to serve meals in.

You’ll be enjoying this Tupperware Heritage Collection set for years to come. Shop it at Amazon for $60. 

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