How's NYC for under $120 a night sound?

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While the weather outside is frightful, it's time to ditch that delightful fire and plan a vacation, y'all.

While many may think to book a vacation over the Christmas holiday when you already have an automatic vacation day or two, prices are often sky-high during this busy travel week, as Condé Nast Traveler pointed out in a recent article. Instead, the first week of January may be your best bet for winter travel if you want to save money on airfare and hotel bookings.

"Travelers who extend their vacation into the first week of January can take advantage of perks — such as hotel and flight advantages, in addition to places being much quieter. With New Year's Day falling on a Tuesday this January, you can maximize your vacation through the full week, with only having to take a few days off and return to work on Monday, January 7," Steve Heitzner, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Marriott International: The Americas, tells Southern Living. "Southern cities such as Orlando, Tampa, and Atlanta are not only popular conference destinations that will allow leisure travelers extra space and freedom to explore due to the lack of conferences during the shortened work week, but are also travel hot spots for 2019."

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If you can't swing a trip the first week in January, you can still find substantial deals throughout the entire month. "Places like Charleston, South Carolina have mild weather with average rates in January around $120, compared to nearly $200 in high season, and you'll face fewer crowds at the breweries, restaurants and ghost tours," notes Emma Leggat, the spokesperson for HotelTonight, the popular app for steeply discounted hotel deals. Leggat also recommends Austin, Texas for the month of January where rates on HotelTonight range from $70-150, roughly half the peak-season price. Okay with cold temps? Consider a jaunt to New York City or Boston where HotelTonight average hotel rates were under $120 last January.

Another stellar option is Washington, D.C.. "Average rates this January are expected to hover around $100, 35% lower than peak season. The iconic monuments and museums have an otherworldly beauty in the snow and D.C. boasts a tremendous number of outstanding farm-to-table restaurants," Leggat shares.

Wherever you decide to go, we're pretty sure you'll enjoy breezing through museum lines and snagging a table at a hard-to-book restaurant of your choice.