We've got answers to your Thanksgiving travel questions, and we're serving them up hot!

By Meghan Overdeep
Airport Security
Credit: MediaProduction/Getty Images

Long lines aren't the only things airports see a lot of over Thanksgiving. Amongst the throngs of holiday travelers and the inevitable confusion, TSA agents encounter a whole lot of pie.

"One of the big things we see this time of year is pies—pumpkin pies, cherry pies, apple pies you name it," Nico Melendez, a public affairs manager at the TSA, told The Sacramento Bee.

Luckily, Mama's pumpkin pie is more than welcome to fly the friendly skies, just be prepared for it to take a little longer to get your delicious treat through security.

"People are bringing their pies home and those are allowed through the security checkpoint," Melendez continued. "They might get a little bit of additional scrutiny at the checkpoint for screening to make sure they're safe, but they will be allowed through the checkpoint."

Cakes get a green light too, but don't be surprised if a TSA officer swabs around the container to check for traces of explosives.

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Your grandma will also be happy to learn that both stuffing and turkey will be allowed to board. Basically, as long as it's not liquid, you're good. That means cranberry sauce, gravy and, sadly, mashed potatoes, are all no-goes.

Lisa Farbstein, another TSA spokesperson, provided The Kitchn with this helpful tip for flying with food. "If you can spray it, spread it, spill it, pump it, or pour it, it should not go through the checkpoint," she advised.

As for how you package your precious pie, that's up to you.