Head to West Virginia to Walk the Nation's First Statewide Waterfall Trail

Trek to 29 natural wonders all over the state—and win prizes!

Photo: West Virginia Department of Tourism

You may have been warned not to go chasing waterfalls, but after hearing about West Virginia's new Waterfall Trail, we strongly disagree.

While West Virginia may be called the Mountain State, it could also be called the Waterfall State, because it's home to more than 200 of the natural wonders. To highlight these gorgeous cascades, the state has launched the first-ever statewide Waterfall Trail, featuring 29 of the many watery wonders found around the state.

West Virginia Department of Tourism

The trail includes well-known falls such as those at Blackwater Falls State Park and Sandstone, but also features hidden gems like the soaring Cathedral Falls, the hidden Finn's Falls tucked inside the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, and the distinctive High Falls of the Cheat.

West Virginia Department of Tourism

To become a so-called Waterfall Wanderer, sign up on the website, get your passport, and check in at the waterfalls you visit to earn stamps. If the allure of natural wonders Isn't enough to lure into the woods, the West Virginia Department of Tourism has added even more incentives to turn cubicle dwellers and couch potatoes into explorers. Specifically: prizes! Check in at three or more waterfalls and earn a custom sticker; check in at 10 and get a reusable aluminum water bottle; check in at 20 get a "Waterfall Wanderer" t-shirt.

So, pick up a pepperoni roll and hit those country road because West Virginia has a brand new attraction and it's perfect for summer fun.

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