Plan a trip to one of these quirky locations.


Amelia Island Museum of History, Fernandina Beach, FL
Located in Nassau County and said to be one of Florida's oldest museum, the Amelia Island Museum offers exhibits that include the history on the Civil War and Florida's involvement, notables in Nassau County's history, and tours around a jail cell because, this museum is housed in what used to be the Nassau County jailhouse.

International Towing Museum, Chattanooga, TN
Exhibits at this Chattanooga museum include tow trucks and towing equipment that date back to 1916. Visitors can also find a library, theater, and a towing and recovering hall of fame dedicated to some of the hardest working tow truck professionals in the nation.

National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, TX
There's no denying that it sounds a little creepy, but it may definitely be worth the trip to Houston. Exhibits include the History of Embalming, Historical Hearses, and Celebrating the Lives and Deaths of the Popes. You can also rent this museum for any special occasion, and find tips for obituary and eulogy writing on their website.

Old Courthouse Museum, Monroeville, AL
Dedicated to the American classic To Kill a Mockingbird, this Alabama museum invites guests to take a tour of the legendary courtroom featured in the classic novel and motion picture.

Vent Haven Museum, Fort Mitchell, KY
Acclaimed as the "only museum in the world dedicated to the art of ventriloquism," the Vent Haven Museum houses over 800 figures, playbills, letters, and thousands of photographs. Aside from being a museum, it also hosts an international ConVENTion that attracts more than 600 ventriloquists each year.

Chaffee Barbershop Museum, Fort Smith, AR
This WWII barbershop has been restored and turned into a coveted museum. Stop in if you're interested in seeing where Elvis Presley may have actually received a buzz cut.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, New Orleans, LA
Dedicated to the field of pharmacy, this museum explores apothecary shops, medicinal herbs, and Voodoo practices in pharmacy. Housed in the site of the apothecary of America's first licensed pharmacist, this is also reserved as a wedding venue with beautiful outdoor spaces and plenty of New Orleans charm.

Museum of Osteology, Oklahoma City, OK
America's first skeleton museum houses over 300 skeletons and 400 skulls on display from all different types of animals across the world. There's even a hands-on exhibit where visitors can get up close and personal with real animal skulls. There's also another location in Orlando.

The Kazoo Museum, Beaufort, SC
Know what a "Kazoobie Kazoo" is, or the difference between an electric kazoo and the wazoo? The kazoo is one of America's only original instruments, and at the Kazoo Museum visitors can learn the extensive history of the American instrument as well as important people to know in the world of Kazooing.

Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, GA
This museum sounds as interesting as its name. Featured exhibits include the Jim Henson Collection, which highlights the work of Muppets creator Jim Henson, and The Global Collection, highlighting puppetry from around the world.