We solemnly vow never to call it "Disney World" again.

Walt Disney World Sign
Credit: BanksPhotos/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered why California's beloved Disney theme park is dubbed "Disneyland," without "Walt" before it, but Florida's hub is known as "Walt Disney World?" (If you have, you're probably a trivia night whiz.)

Well, wonder no more. The fact that the Florida theme park includes "Walt" in its name is actual a heartwarming tribute to Walt Disney, who came up with the idea for the Orlando theme park. As explained on the Disney.Fandom.com site, "Although he participated in much of the planning for the project, Walt Disney himself died in 1966 and never got to see the realization of his vision." But the end of Disney's life could not rob the world of his enduring impact: "The resort was originally to be named 'Disney World,' but before its opening Walt's brother Roy renamed it to 'Walt Disney World' in his honor, and to remind everyone that it was Walt's dream," the site continues to explain.

We'll be sure to refer to the park with the "Walt" from here on out—we're sure Roy would have liked to know we're continuing to honor his brother's legacy, too.

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So tell us: What's your favorite piece of Disney parks intel?