Feeling nostalgic? Blast to the past when visiting these memorable, vintage attractions. The Route 66 Drive-In Theater located in Carthage, Missouri, will give you major Grease vibes – not including the dramatic love songs. The nine-acre property originally opened in 1949, and it features a 66-foot-high movie screen. Parking spots are first-come, first-serve and cost around $8 per person. Lake Effect Diner is 1950s chic with a modern twist. Each item on the menu is house made - featuring local ingredients from Western New York. Tonga Room at the Fairmont in San Francisco will make you feel like you’re staring in Elvis’ Rom-Com Blue Hawaii. The tiki-themed space has been serving Polynesian cuisine since 1945, it and often features live bands and hula dancers. Dick’s Drive-In Restaurant in Seattle delivers old-fashioned classics right to your car. Visitors can choose from local favorites like burgers and house-cut fries. Park your car, sit tight, and crank up the tunes – your food should be out soon. So, lace up your saddle shoes and zip up your poodle skirt; you’re about to travel through time!

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