The Most Unusual Street Names in the South

Awesome Street

Over the years we've all grown accustomed to embracing entertaining street names. We don't hesitate to take a trip down Memory Lane. We have no problem asking (or, more appropriately, singing), 'Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?' And no one faults you for hanging out on Easy Street or following the Yellow Brick Road. But alas, those are all fictional streets. Just imagine your address containing the words Lickskillet Road or Big Mama Drive. It's becoming more common for community and city developers to drift further and further away from normal monikers like "Park," "Main," or "Second," in favor of more fanciful and, as you will see here, downright strange street names. While we're sure the residents on Burnt Corn Road are lovely people, the name doesn't exactly make us want to eat dinner there. Here, 33 unusual and funny streets that make up some of our most charming towns in the South. As weird as they may be, one thing you can't deny is that they're all memorable and good for a laugh. Let's ease on down the road, shall we?

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Awesome Street: Cary, North Carolina

Awesome Street

Reportedly, Paul Scandariato attempted to file a building permit under the name Sesame Street for the private road. Not only was it already taken by PBS, but it was already registered in his county as well. After a couple more attempts with different names, Awesome Street was finally approved. Sure beats living on Average Boulevard!

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Frying Pan Road: Herndon, Virginia

Frying Pan Road
Photo: Google Maps

All of a sudden we're craving bacon and scrambled eggs. The name of the community was changed in the late 1800s to Floris, but the road is still there.

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Squeezepenny Lane: McKinney, Texas

Squeezepenny Lane

Is it safe to assume everyone who lives on this street is pretty frugal?

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Kickapoo Drive: Fort Worth, Texas

Kickapoo Drive

One thing we definitely don't want to kick.

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Henpeck Road: Quinton, Virginia

Henpeck Road
Photo: Google Maps

Who thought this was a good idea?

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Farfrompoopen Road: Story, Arkansas

Farfrompoopen Road

Some jokes just write themselves.

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Bossy Boots Drive: Allen, Texas

Bossy Boots Drive

Let's hope the neighbors' personalities don't embody the name.

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This Ain't It Road: Dadeville, Alabama

This Ain’t It Road

Then, what is?

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Linger Longer Road: Greensboro, Georgia

Linger Longer Road
Photo: Google Maps

Sounds like a typical Southern saying and nicety, right? Linger Longer is part of the Reynolds Plantation community.

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Chicken Gristle Road: Granbury, Texas

Chicken Gristle Road

Even though it's named after the throw-away part of chicken, Granbury has plenty of enticing activities and a beautiful scenery.

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Booger Branch Road: Six Mile, South Carolina

Booger Branch Road

It's not enough that this street exists in South Carolina, but there's also a Booger Branch Road in Crandall, Georgia as well.

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Boring Road: Decatur, GA

Boring Road
Photo: Google Maps

This one certainly isn't driving up real estate prices anytime soon.

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Jot 'Em Down Road: Cumming, Georgia

Jot 'Em Down Road
Photo: Google Maps

Aptly titled if you're writing down directions in a hurry. But in all actuality, the road was named after a store that was once in operation there.

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Burnt Corn Road: Burnt Corn, Alabama

Burnt Corn Road
Photo: Pinterest

There's an entire community and creek that goes by this interesting name.

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Lois Lane: Franklin, North Carolina

Lois Lane
Photo: Google Maps

Obviously someone had a thing for Superman's true love and leading lady.

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This Way, That Way: Lake Jackson, Texas

This Way That Way
Photo: Lake Jackson Historical

We hope you never get lost in downtown Lake Jackson, because if someone has to give you directions, this way and that way might be a little confusing at first. All the street names here end in the word "Way," such as Any Way, That Way, Circle Way, Winding Way, His Way, and West Way. Best of luck finding your way around.

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Pop Corn Drive: Hendersonville, North Carolina

Pop Corn Drive
Photo: Google Maps

They couldn't just name it Orville Redenbacher, now could they?

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Butter & Egg Road: Hazel Green, Alabama

Butter & Egg Road
Photo: Remax Alabama

Nothing like a street to remind you of baking essentials. Alabama is also home to another Egg and Butter Road in Columbiana.

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Old Trash Pile Road: Henderson, Louisiana

Old Trash Pile Road
Photo: Google Maps

Talk about a downer in the curb appeal department.

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Hammer Time Road: Rockmart, Georgia

Hammer Time Road

Clearly, other street names can't touch this.

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Coondog Cemetary Road: Tuscumbia, Alabama

Coondog Cemetary Road

Apparently, all dogs make a pit stop at the Coondog Cemetary before going to heaven.

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Follow That Dream Parkway: Inglis, Florida

Follow That Dream Parkway

This way to your dreams! The inspiring street takes its cues from the Elvis Presley film of the same name that was filmed nearby in Yankeetown.

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A Cleaner Way, Soap Circle: Huntsville, Alabama

Soap Cleaner Way
Photo: Elrick

Suffice it to say, they take cleanliness pretty serious in this town.

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Hillybilly Lane: Shenandoah, Virginia

Hillybilly Lane
Photo: Google Maps

The postman probably gets a nice little chuckle delivering mail here.

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Roll Tide Lane and War Eagle Drive: Huntsville, Alabama

Roll Tide Lane and War Eagle Drive

The unlikely intersection where SEC football rivalries are taken way too far.

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Ice Cream Street: Shreveport, Louisiana

Ice Cream Street
Photo: Google Maps

Who wouldn't want to live on this sweet street?

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Delete Street: Harvest, Alabama

Delete Street

Kinda too late for a do-over on this, don't you think?

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Puddin' Ridge Road: Moyock, North Carolina

Puddin' Ridge Road

Supposedly, the road was named because of how muddy it became after a storm, traveling through it was like wading through thick pudding. Of course, this was before it was paved.

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Possum Trot Road: Deatsville, Alabama

Possum Trot Road
Photo: Google Maps

Deatsville is home to more than just these country night dwellers.

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Homebrew Knob: Ragland, Alabama

Homebrew Knob
Photo: St. Clair Magazine

Two words we wouldn't think to ever put together.

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Tater Peeler Road: Lebanon, Tennessee

Tater Peeler Road
Photo: Google Maps

The only thing we want to know is who's bringing the potato salad.

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I Dream of Jeannie Lane: Cocoa Beach, Florida

I Dream of Jeannie Lane

We're guessing all it took was a twitch of the nose to get residents on board with naming this street. Actually, its real origin lies in the fact that some of the show's scenes were filmed in Cocoa Beach. Talk about a wish come true!

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Bollweevil Lane, Old Eli Road: Toney, Alabama

Bollweevil Lane

An homage to cotton gin inventor, Eli Whitney.

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