Why traveling might be costing us a pretty penny. 

Travel-Sized Beauty Products
Credit: Getty/Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Contributor

Did you spend a little too much on beauty products this year? It's not entirely your fault. According to a new study by H20+ Beauty, the majority of Americans dish out more money to buy travel-sized versions of their favorite products in order to meet TSA guidelines—65 percent of Americans to be exact. And that number is even higher when you look at just women.

Of course, the other option is to buy reusable containers for your favorite products, but who has time for that? Plus some products can't be condensed into a smaller package. And even if you do manage to put your creams and lotions into a smaller container, they can still explode inside your carry-on leaving an icky gooey messy. The worst, right?

There's at least one company that's actively trying to find a solution. Enter: H20+ Beauty. The brand, which re-launched earlier this year with a brand-new look and formula, has debuted a few non-liquid products that circumvent these issues altogether, like their Cleansing Stick and Fresh Powder Exfoliator (we've tried both and can personally vouch for them).

"There's a very real demand for our industry to take the next step and create more innovative products that take the burden off of consumers when they travel," said Joy Chen, CEO of H2O+ Beauty, in a statement. "H2O+ Beauty is proud to lead that evolution with effective products that meet TSA guidelines in standard sizes."

H20+ has even more travel-sized products coming out in 2017, so definitely keep your eyes peeled.