Dissolve your airport stress with this neat tip.
TripIt App
Credit: James Leynse / Corbis via Getty Images

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a beautiful thing. There's an art program, outstanding dining (try One Flew South in Concourse E), and plenty of shopping. There's even a dog park.

But if you're anything like us, you also know the feeling of arriving at ATL, DFW, MIA, or another large airport with a tight connection. Should we start sprinting? Does our 5-year-old have time to hit the bathroom? Are we even on the right train to Terminal D? Well, an update to the popular TripIt app has come to frazzled travelers' rescue.

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A new update, released Wednesday, August 9th, times how long it will take you to get from one point to another point in an airport. It will map both the most direct gate to gate routes within one terminal as well as the fastest route between gates in different terminals. It also offers Google Maps-like walking instructions so you don't accidentally hook a left turn at the Hudson News instead of a right.

The app update also enhances TripIt's airport maps to include detailed ATM, bathroom, charging stations, and dining info. Take that, guy at Gate 18 hogging five charging stations at once. Currently, the maps are available for 50 major airports.

You have to be a member of TripIt Pro to access these services (you can get a free 30-day trial if you sign up here). It's $49 a year. The value of knowing that three kids and two water fountain pit stops later we can still catch our connection to beachside bliss? Priceless.