By Southern Living
June 26, 2017

Florida’s Plantation on Crystal River offers some seriously back-to-nature experiences.  Located on King’s Bay, less than two hours north of Tampa and a stone’s throw from the Gulf of Mexico, this resort has access to the only spot in the Sunshine State where you can swim with the Florida manatee in its natural habitat. The Federal Government allows “passive observation” in the bay, and the resort offers pre-tour education to help you understand these amazing creatures. Not only is this property surrounded by the natural springs of King’s Bay but it has unspoiled lakes and rivers and abundant wildlife. Want to swim for your dinner? Check out the scalloping package, which takes you on a snorkeling-esque swim, where you’ll harvest scallops that will be chef-prepared for you at the resort’s West 82 Bar & Grill. Not interested in going underwater? Dip a paddle in these gorgeous waters and explore by kayak.

Videos courtesy of Discover Crystal River

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