The most photogenic spots, sights, and snacks in this charming Texas town.

10 Must-Take Photos in Waco, Texas
The most photogenic spots, sights, and snacks in this charming Texas town

If you've noticed Waco climbing higher and higher on your personal getaway wish list, it may be thanks to HGTV's Fixer Upper first couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are based in this Texas town. The couple has an eye for design (obviously!) but also for community, good food, and incredibly adorable sweet treats. And from the looks of it, it seems the whole town of Waco must be that way. Should you find yourself lucky enough to be Waco-bound, be sure to snap a few shots in these uber-instagrammable spots.

1. The Magnolia Silos Sign
Grab yourself a treat from the bakery (or one of the many food trucks), and sidle on up to the perfect spot to enjoy a snack and watch the instagram likes roll in.

2. And Magnolia Market itself while you're at it…
The flower selection alone is just begging for a snap or two—no filter needed.

3. And don't forget your Silos Baking Co. cupcakes.
Try some of Joanna's personal recipes at the on-site bakery. Their recommendations include the "Silos Cookie," the "The Prize Pig" (a bacon and cheddar biscuit), and the "Nuts & Bolts" cupcake.

4. Gooey goodness from Cheddar Box
Balance all that sweet with something salty and extra-cheesy from Cheddar Box, a gourmet grilled cheese food truck on the Magnolia Silos property.

5. An obscenely indulgent treat from Pokey O's
Save room for something over-the-top from Pokey O's, an ice cream sandwich dessert truck gracing the streets of Waco daily.

6. Something to show a lil' love
Head to Shades of Shabby for both vintage treasures and the perfect Waco-loving photo-op.

7. This engineering and architectural marvel
Check out the Waco Suspension Bridge, built in 1870 and flanked on either end by magnificent parks—perfect for sunny afternoon adventuring.

8. A hip coffee shop shot
Recharge with the very cool mugs and even cooler atmosphere at Common Grounds, a coffee shop and music venue.

9. Make that two...
Speaking of coffee, if sleek marble walls and tropical plants are more your style for latte backdrops, head to BRU Artisan Coffee Works for an espresso and excellent instagram photo-op.

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10. The perfect mural
Pop into The Findery, then once you've found all the home goods you could possibly dream of, grab a quick photo with the colorful mural just outside their door.