Visit the heart of the Lone Star State on the most romantic day of the year.
Fredericksburg Hot Air Balloon Ride
Credit: The Best of Texas

Sure, a handwritten card or a romantic homemade dinner might fill the status quo on Valentine's day, but have you ever surprised your sweetheart with a hot air balloon ride on the most romantic day of the year? Fredericksburg, Texas, is known for its range of specialty shops, charming bed-and-breakfasts, and scenic hot air balloons.

On Valentine's weekend, The Victory Cup and The Best of Texas Food and Wine Festival are hosting an exciting event filled with live music, craft cocktails, fireworks and, of course, a very romantic hot air balloon ride. The hot air balloon will soar over the vast countryside of Fredericksburg. We advise arriving early so that you can catch the sunset from a bird's eye view.

Credit: The Best of Texas

Don't count yourself out if you're afraid of heights—there are still plenty of other fun things to do while staying on the ground. Grab your gal pals, admire the hot air balloons, and snap a picture in front of them to commemorate your time. You can also listen to live jazz music while walking around with champagne in one hand and your sweetheart's hand in the other.

This family-friendly festival, Fredericksburg Valentine's Weekend & Hot Air Balloon Experience, will take place from February 14 to February 16. There will be local vendors serving up a taste of Texas (including a large crawfish boil to ensure that you get your fill of Southern food). Treat yourself to a fun-filled night or surprise your significant other with an unforgettable experience.

Hot Air Balloon Texas
Credit: The Best of Texas

Complete your visit to Fredericksburg with a stroll through the town's Main Street, or make a whole romantic weekend out of it with a visit to Fredericksburg's distinguished vineyards along the area's wine trail.

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There are endless things to do in this charming town; as soon as the weekend winds down, you'll be looking for any excuse for another visit. One thing's for sure: This small Texas town has a big heart for love.