Tubing on the Guad, Texas barbecue, and a charming small town to boot.   
Tipis on the Guadalupe
Credit: Courtesy Tipis on the Guadalupe

When we were kids, pillow forts and cardboard castles and bedsheet tipis made the ultimate getaways, if only for the afternoon. We’d bolster up with blankets and snacks to pass the time, and if we’re being honest, not much has changed. Any getaway needs blankets and snacks, after all, and a weekend getaway in a castle or tipi? We’ll take it.

We’ve got you covered with a Kentucky castle getaway, and even with floating Tennessee cabins. Now we’re doing one better with Texas tipis on the Guadalupe River. Located in Texas Hill Country right outside the charming town of New Braunfels, a bonafide tubing and paddling mecca, Tipis On the Guadalupe makes an enticing offer: Come stay in a six-person, air-conditioned tipi that’s fully outfitted with beds, kitchenette, bathroom, and WiFi, just steps away from the best outdoor adventures Texas boasts

If looking for a spring getaway, you’ll find Texas’ weather is wonderfully mild during springtime, and the Guadalupe River trails are just teeming with folks looking to take advantage of it. You’ll be able to find all the rentals you need—tubes, kayaks, and more—just minutes away from your stay. Fishing, kayaking, tubing down the Guad, and ending the day with Texas-style barbecue (brisket if you’re doing it right) are all you need on the docket for a good time. Retire to your Tipi, and do it again tomorrow. 

When you’re worn out on outdoor adventures, venture back into downtown New Braunfels for a taste of the Hill Country’s signature Texas-meets-German style. Dine at the Gristmill beneath the iconic Gruene water tower, and catch the signs at the restaurant that admonish: "No dancing on the table with spurs." Fear not; you can dance later at Gruene Hall next door.

You’ll also need to hit a classic Texas ice house, which is their version of a brewhouse, and a favorite local spot is River Road Ice House, which has a great pavilion for live music. Shop around the historic downtown, or head outside of town to explore more of the Guadalupe River State Park. 

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You might never have thought you’d spend a long weekend in a Texas tipi, tubing and outdoorsing to your heart’s content—but why not? The beach’ll still be there next year.