Reporter and Kind Stranger Track Down Texas Woman's Lost Engagement Ring in Colorado Snowdrift

The woman was reunited with the ring shortly after returning home from vacation.

Lost Engagement Ring
Photo: Courtesy of CBS4 Denver

Houston residents Paulina Morales and Deven Maraj were vacationing in Breckinridge, Colorado, when Morales experienced every bride-to-be's worst nightmare. After Maraj playfully tossed her in the snow, Morales realized her engagement ring was missing from her finger. The couple searched in earnest for the ring, but it seemed to be lost to the great white. They even came back over the next couple of days with a metal detector, but still found no luck.

With their vacation drawing to a close, the couple made posts offering a $500 reward to anyone who could locate the ring, but ultimately were forced to return to Texas empty-handed.

That's when reporter Spencer Wilson of CBS4 Denver caught wind of the story. On the day after Valentine's Day, he reported on the couple's misfortune, calling altruistic Coloradans to lend a helping hand to reunite the lovebirds with their ring. He even joined in on the hunt himself, taking a blowtorch to the area where the ring was lost. Though he was able to melt a good bit of the snow in the area, the ring remained buried.

So, Wilson didn't find the ring himself, but he did earn an assist. Summit County resident Tony Pizzamigalo saw Wilson's news report and decided to take his metal detector out for a spin. After just one false hit, his detector picked up the ring's signal. It was buried deep in the snow right next to where the couple had been searching.

"I saw a message on my Instagram from someone claiming to have found the ring," Wilson told Southern Living. I thought it was a scam at first, but they sent me a photo and it was the moment I had been waiting for. I'd lost some sleep over trying to find this ring and get it back to the couple...and it was all coming together!"

With the ring in hand, all that was left to do was break the good news to the couple. With a true talent for storytelling, Wilson knew he had to bring the story full circle for the many Summit County residents who were invested in its conclusion.

"It was so hard not to call them the second I knew we had it," he said. "I didn't want them to have to wait for another second worrying. But I knew an opportunity to surprise her like that was too it could wait just a few hours more."

Wilson jumped on a video call with Morales to deliver the news, but couldn't resist having a little fun with it. He asked her to describe the ring again, and as she was giving a description, he pulled the ring out and asked, "Does it look like this?" Paulina's reaction was absolutely priceless.

Lost Engagement Ring
Courtesy of CBS4 Denver

"My hands were shaking when I went to grab the ring to show her. I was so excited," he said. "Couldn't stop smiling for a while after."

And neither could Morales! "I'm crying right now!" Morales says in the video, wiping her eyes. "I've got chills. I've got chills."

After receiving the good news, Morales was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and took to Facebook to recap the ordeal.

"It has definitely been a while a WILLLDD ride, full of many ups and downs," she wrote. "The first thing and last thing I'll say about this situation is TRUST IN GOD, he listens and delivers to those who believe."

She also took the opportunity to thank Wilson, Pizzamigalo, and the many people who reached out to offer their help. "I am forever grateful, and I know this crazy story will go down in the books for a lifetime, and we will be able to laugh about this in the future," she wrote.

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And what about that $500 reward? Pizzamigalo has decided to donate the earnings to the Summit Rescue Group, a team of volunteers dedicated to helping with mountain rescues.

Now that's what we call full circle!

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