In 2011, Jamey Ice and Jimmy Williams were neighbors. On Wednesday nights, the friends would get together over a glass of wine and talk about ways that they could make Fort Worth, Texas a better place to live. Neither were professionals contractors, architects, or builders. Jimmy was a police officer who knew where the crime rate was high – and, with a dream of seeing things restored, the families moved to that neighborhood. From there, their new business 6th Avenue Homes was born. To date, Jimmy and Jamey have restored over 55 old homes, turning them from terrible eyesores into forever homes for families. "It's not just about doing construction on homes or restoring an old home, but it's really just about making an impact in our neighborhood and our city," Jamey said. The friends are making a huge impact on their little corner of Texas and – as they continue their work – have made the neighborhood one of the hottest real estate markets in Fort Worth. "It was neat to see that one house turn into 20, turn into 30, turn into 40."

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